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The Safe High Level Window Cleaning System


Cleaning windows that are not easily accessible has always caused a problem for window cleaning companies all over the country and it is here that the water fed pole system comes into its own.

Our X Line pure water state of the art cleaning system will reduce the height risks associated with ladders, scaffolding and hydraulic platforms. The concept was the first of its kind to put safety first.

The excellent manipulation ability, at a high level, is unique and cannot be attributed to any other pole system. Glass, regardless of panel size and shape, can be tackled with confidence up to 65 ft high, by a single operative, longer poles are also available. Glass remains cleaner for longer and the action of the water will even buff up lead on stained glass windows.

The brushing action rides smoothly over vertical and horizontal bars and frames while lifting dirt from sills and ledges. The result is a better quality of clean all round. It is a pleasure to stand back and admire a job well done in half the time.

The beauty of using a X Line Pole System

The secret of successful pole cleaning is the water

The most important part of the water fed pole window cleaning is the water, pure water is the best product to clean windows for several reasons. When pure water is used for window cleaning the impurities on the glass are held in the water, as the pure water strives to return to its impure state, therefore it actually absorbs dirt particles from the glass aiding the cleaning process behaving almost like a solvent. The glass is then given a final rinse with the water fed poles to leave the glass totally sterile.

The use of the water fed pole for window cleaning is very effective as the aggressive strength of the pure water means that you do not need to use cleaning detergents on the windows therefore saving time, plus it’s better for the environment.

This will result in the glass being clean and sparking after we have left without all the risks commonly associated with traditional window cleaning methods

How it works

The water purification process removes all mineral and particle impurities from the water enabling it to evaporate without leaving behind any trace mineral deposits on the surface of the glass, but there are other benefits of using pure water to clean windows that are not as straight forward as you might imagine.
Purified water actually possesses a remarkable solvent capability, resulting in the capacity of these charged ions to bond with other ions in the same way. To put it simply, when pure water flows over a surface it actually dissolves and absorbs all potential substances and because the final rinse is also pure water, when left to dry naturally it leaves a streak free surface behind.

Used for cleaning windows, frames, glass roofs, signs, atria, panelling, skylights, canopies, conservatories, caravan and motor homes, stained glass & lead windows (churches), facades and even small brushes for high mounted CCTV lenses.
The X Line pure water cleaning system was originally conceived to clean glass high up. But it is equally at home being used low down. Many customers are dispensing with our squeegee method completely and turning to using our pole system.
Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease. Reaches windows over obstructions such as cars, flower beds and lawns.

Cleans windows, classing and facades up to 65 feet (6 floors high)

By far the safest and most cost effective method of cleaning, with outstanding results. Compared to other cleaning methods, our pole system saves our customers an average of 40% of their total cleaning costs.
By using different brushes we can tackle many different types of surfaces. Fascias, cladding and high-level signs. However, great success is resulting from more unusual tasks like marquee cleaning, washing down hulls of yachts and other marine crafts as well as items like vinyl canopies over show windows and soft-sided truck panels on commercial vehicles.

Our system itself allows a safer way of working for our window cleaners, eliminating the use of ladders. Operators work from the safety of ground level – 100% safe.

Eliminates the need for expensive and hazardous high access equipment.
The unique dual hose option gives a water feed to the brush head as well as an overhead rinse spray.

When used for window cleaning, the final rinse water dries to a perfect finish. In fact the window isn’t just clean, it’s left totally sterile.

Cleans frames at the same time as it cleans the glass, at no extra cost.

No chemicals or detergents are used the process is environmentally friendly.

Traditional window cleaning leaves behind sticky soap residue, which attracts fresh dirt back to the window, while windows cleaned with our water fed pole system windows actually stay cleaner for longer.

The system maintains privacy and reduced disturbances.

High-rise pole window cleaning system is its simplicity. This can be seen in its build, its assembly, in its use, mobility and maintenance. It looks impressive and skilful in operation yet is far easier and quicker to use than traditional cleaning methods. In fact pole washing, with the all-important asset of pure water, gives a superior finish in every way.

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